How to use a Microcurrent facial machine

When people talk about certain skincare treatments to make their skin wrinkles-free, fine lines free plumper, and glowing without doing painful treatments then microcurrent therapies are always at the top. Microcurrent therapy is a good option for you if you want to get rid of painful surgical treatments. It is a safe and effective way to tighten the laxity of aging skin.

Microcurrent devices are used all around the globe to treat the loose and saggy skins of people, even many Hollywood celebrities use this amazing and harmless technology to look younger and elegant.

Here I’ll share with you useful guidelines to use a microcurrent machine.

How a Microcurrent device works:

A Microcurrent machine supplies a low-voltage electromagnetic current under the dermis of the skin to stimulate collagen, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell, and elastin productivity. These facials enhance cellular activity by making the skin’s muscles smooth and soft.

This treatment is also used in physical therapy to get relief from pain, therefore it is safe to use. This device has two metal wands to roll on your face and neck to contour and tone the loose skin. The wands give low-voltage current to enhance and stimulate cells and collagen growth. Few people feel a slight tingling sensation during the therapy. Two wands rolled all over the cheekbone and jawline area to lift the skin. This therapy can be applied to treat saggy arm and leg skin too.

Microcurrent therapy by professionals:

Microcurrent treatment can be done by estheticians at their salons in 30 to 80 minutes depending on the skin’s condition. Firstly, your esthetician will apply a conductive gel all over your face and neck and then set the frequency of the microcurrent device. Then esthetician will roll the two metallic prongs all over your face in an upward motion to tone and lift your face.

Usually, 10 to 12 secessions are required to treat within 2 months. This therapy gives prominent effects on skin firming.

Microcurrent therapy at home:

A good microcurrent device is required to do this therapy at home. Professional treatment and home treatment are similar.

Firstly cleanse your face then take a microcurrent device with a conductive gel. Then roll the device on your face and neck gently to boost collagen growth. In beginning, you need to do this therapy after 5 days in a 2 months period. If you like this treatment then you can do this after 3 days. But it is better to consult your dermatologist first.

Who should avoid this treatment:

  • People who have large sores and severe acne should avoid this.
  • Heart and cardiovascular patients should avoid this treatment.
  • Epilepsy patients and pregnant women should also avoid this treatment.

Cost of Microcurrent treatment:

If you want to treat your saggy skin then you need this device and it costs you probably around $200 to $500, but the professional therapies at salons demand more amount of $200 to $500 per secession. You need to take more than one therapy to firmly and clearly treat your skin.

Microcurrent a good alternative of Botox:

Botox is a therapy used to treat aging skin, wrinkles, etc. Botox is a costly treatment. In botox, facial muscles are temporarily paralyzed to reduce fine lines and saggy skin and needles are used in this treatment which is painful but if you don’t want to hurt your skin then microcurrent treatment is a good alternative for you.


I have shared some useful tips to use a microcurrent device, how it works, and the entire procedure of this therapy. If you are interested to know it, then read this article.

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