Top 6 Best & Fastest Web Browser For Android 2020

To be safe on the cyber on a smartphone or PC, we need a secure web browser. Most of the secure browser is available in the android market, and we have also a list of some most secure and fastest web browser for android 2020. The safest and fastest browser for Android is the complete package for Smartphone privacy.

Secure and Fastest Web Browser For Android 2020:

Staying private and low-key is the trend, that is going around in the world in past. That is why private browsing sites have the most traffic because none of us want to display in public to know what we are doing, especially for certain online activities. Already, many secure and safe browsers are available for the PC and laptops, but now we have secure browsers for Android smartphones.

These secure browsers for Android are available as applications, thus keep hiding your online activities and not getting into the browsing history records. Though there is incognito mode available to hide the online activities, but not every time the user would like to go for the incognito. With the help of a private browsing feature, one can simply keep their data and searched information secret or hidden from the people and internet providers.

Here, we have the list of most secure fast Android browsers in the mode of application. As with the help of these safe browsers for Android, you can search for anything, without getting tracked or spied by the unknown agencies. These apps come with the private browsing mode, and they are different browsers than the PC private browsers. The online private browsing sites have become mandatory now at the personal and professional level for the protection from hackers.

Top Fastest Web Browser For Android 2020:

While the PC secured browsers are doing their tasks, but the smartphones now too need the same fundamental functions. The reason for this is that, that smartphones have now become equivalent important as PC and laptops are. Here, we have the list of all the secure browser for Android smartphones which will protect your device from being stalked from the unknown agencies:


Fastest web browser for android 2020

It is one of the most secure web browser, and we will give you the reasons why we are claiming so. The In-Browser application is available on the Google play store so that you can download it for free for your Android OS.

InBrowser Features
  • It is the feature-packed browser.
  • In-app video player.
  • When you take an exit from the app, the performed activities and tasks are erased in a fraction of seconds.
  • You can easily switch between the tabs with great speed in this browser.
  • It is the optimum browser for Android.


Fastest Web Browser For Android 2020

It is the safest and fastest web browser for Android 2020, and why we are telling this, because, it has the connectivity with the TOR network. Not only this, but the Orbot android browser has also many other features such as, Read the below article.

Orbot Features
  • Encryption of internet traffic when you are using the application. This means no one can stalk what activities you did online and which website did you visit often.
  • Orbot browser runs like a virtual private network(VPN), which means that it is free to use and access.
  • You can easily download the app from the Google play store.
  • Under any condition, the sites and online activities will not be tracked, which you will perform on the orbot application.

Ghostery Privacy Browser:

Who had tracked your online activities or stalked and how many are active trackers can be known with the help of the ghostery browser. It is the secured and fastest web browser for Android 2020, and the reasons are:

Ghostery Privacy Browser Features:
  • The site that you are browsing reveals the numbers of trackers present on it. The update of the tracker’s data is instant.
  • With the tracker’s data, the browser will ask you whether to block them or not. Basically, you can customize the list of trackers present on the site that you browse.

  • The app has over 2200 trackers and 4500 scripts, thus claiming to have the huge tracker database
  • You can clear the cache and history quickly once your activities are done.
  • A Simple interface and clear transparent functionalities.
  • The access of the Web-Pages is fast and quick. You can maintain the whitelist very easily.

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Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser:

The faster downloading rate and privacy aspect made (it one of the fastest web browser for android 2020) of the user have risen one level up with the dolphin zero browser app. It is the safest browser for Android and administers the unique and diverse experience to the users while they browse anything on the dolphin zero browser.


  • It has an inbuilt ‘do not track feature’ which helps to erase all the personal information of the user.
  • The Adblock feature helps you to browse smoothly any website without any pop-ups and ad videos
  • The app does not save any browser history or users data
  • You can access social networking sites without worrying about your saved password, cache data, and files.
  • No pop-ups are asking for the location and cookies information, and which otherwise are asked as permission in other browsing apps
  • The entered data is saved by the application when you surf the websites.
  • You can easily find this app on the Google play store and can download it for Free.

CM Browser:

Cheetah Mobile browser is commonly known as the CM browser. It is best known for its faster downloading and most secure Android browser app, because of its high downloading speed it is the fastest web browser for android 2020, which is widely accepted by its users around the globe. Just like other cheetah mobile apps, the CM browser is also available in the Google play store.


  • It is the open-source application and it does not even occupy much space in the device because it is of 5MB.
  • The interface is minimalist with the easy search bar and address
  • You can speed up the browsing if you want to
  • While you download files, the app first scans the download links and sites to be assured that it is free from the malware
  • You can block the unknown agencies to track your online activities with the help of a ‘do not track’ setting.

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Javelin Incognito Browser:

It is widely used a secured browser for Android. The app is available for free in the Google play store and the features it holds are unique as the fastest web browser for android 2020 and, then what we have in other private browsing applications. The key features of the javelin incognito browser app are:

  • It is always on the incognito mode and the adblocker remains active all the time by default.
  • You can bypass the blocked sites when you use Wi-Fi, and this is done by the proxy of the browser. For this you can get info from thepirateproxybay.
  • Any act of surveillance by the unknown trackers is blocked even when the app is open in the recent app section
  • Erases the web history and cookies
  • Smooth web browsing is ensured when you use javelin incognito browser


The easy installation and quick to use has enabled the above-secured browser apps for Android to be in demand all the time. The best thing about private browsing is the privacy maintenance of the user, and they do not have to worry about any of the trackers phishing their personal information.

Everything is safe when you browse and search from the safest browser’s fastest web browser for android 2020 applications. You will find the most secure Android browser to the least secured; the choice is yours with what option you want to move ahead. You can share this informative article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

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