Fluffy and cosy towels!

Egyptian Cotton has held sway over the cotton market for a long time because of its reputation for excellence. In contrast to Turkish Cotton, Egyptian cotton threads are thick and bubbly from the get-go. Egyptian Cotton has a sumptuous feel because of its high density. Cotton’s ability to quickly drain away moisture is also made possible by this treatment.

Liquids are less likely to be released from Egyptian Cotton than Turkish Cotton. Egyptian cotton towels must be hung or dried in a relaxed environment with good air circulation to keep them from shrinking.

Egyptian Cotton is a popular choice for bedding and bath towels because of its softness. Spas and other spa-like establishments highly value the ability to provide customers with a soft Egyptian cotton towel. Towels for the home are often made of Egyptian Cotton, which provides a luxurious treat after a bath or shower.

If you’re looking for a new towel, you’re likely to encounter terminologies like GSM and other abbreviations like fabric and cotton types. Everything that you need must know can be found here. Towels in typical hotels and spas may be made of polycotton, polyester, or Cotton, but look no further than Egyptian towels if you want the ultimate in luxury.

So what’s the big deal about all this? These things come together to form these soft and unique towels.


As Egyptian Cotton has a particular composition, Egyptian Cotton towels were highly absorbent. For one thing, Egyptian Cotton has longer fibre or staple than typical cotton plants substantially. These fibres form thinner and more rigid threads than conventional Cotton to absorb more liquid per inch. For a thicker, plusher, and better-absorbent towel than standard Cotton, Egyptian Material can be weaved through each square inch with more threads per square inch.


Towels come in a variety of weights. The quantity of Cotton in a towel is measured in grams per square inch, and this is commonly used to describe it. Higher GSM makes for a thicker towel. A standard towel has a GSM of 300, while a luxury towel has 500 or more. Egyptian Cotton’s strands are thinner than traditional Cotton to achieve the sumptuous, ultra-soft and fluff feel of high-end resort towels and spa towels.


With Egyptian Cotton towels, the more excellent they get with time. They last for a long time and get softer and feathery the more they’re worn because of their unique composition. When it comes to durability, texture, and comfort, you won’t find better value for the money than Egyptian Cotton Towels, which are slightly more expensive.

Washing Instructions

Regular washing detergent and no cloth softeners should be used in the washing machine at a temperature of 40° to 60° C. Towels, like all-natural items, are initially rough and stiff but soften over time. This is especially ideal for the first few washes. Naturally, Egyptian Cotton will shrink in the first wash, but you can lessen the impact by drying it at a lower temperature in a gentler setting. To make your towel even softer and fluffier, add some dryer balls. If your towel is darker, be sure to wash it alone the first time to remove any leftover dye that could stain the other items in your wash. Keeping your towel away from zippers, buttons, and buckles is the easiest way to avoid damaging its fibres. Cut it off if you discover a loose thread.

Towels made of Egyptian Cotton of hotel quality can be found at King of Cotton. Moist towelettes, bath towels, spa and pool towels, and so much more are all available for purchase at this time.

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