Getting Cozy With Quilt Covers: The Benefits Of Having Them For Your Bed

Originally quilts were of European descent, but they soon gained precedence in Australia at the start of the 19th century. However, the history of quilting can be dated as far back as 3400 BC. With advanced manufacturing techniques and easier stitching processes, quilt covers are common throughout the country.

With the country of Australia rich in its quilt heritage, it’s easy to see why quilt covers are one of the most popular bedding materials found in every home. As modern quilts are starting to take precedence over traditional designs, the global market for quilts is estimated to remain strong in the coming years.

Quilts And Their Benefits:

Australian quilts are mostly bought for their designs, adding to the bedroom decor. High thread counts make them softer and fluffier, higher thread counts being an indication of quality. There’s a wide array of materials from which these covers are made. In Australia, commonly used quilts are usually cotton, with sateen and silk fabrics in the top spots. Along with the linen, all these are the best choice for warm summers. With that being said, take a look at some of the benefits of buying quilts for the bedroom:

  1. For Sprucing Up The Interior Decor Of The Bedroom: As mentioned before, quilt covers are popular for their design and artwork. For those looking to level up their bedroom aesthetics, try buying quilt covers. The right patterns and vivid colour selections are bound to complement the bedroom’s overall design aesthetics. With a wide range of pieces, customers can buy the design of their choice and change or customize the whole room to their taste.
  2. Quilts Are More Affordable: Quilts are cheaper than most comforters in the Australian market as they don’t have any additional fillings in them. Being inexpensive, they are a better option compared to duvets or doonas.
  3. Use Them All Year Round: Sleeping with comforters during the hot summer months can prove difficult as they are not as light as breathable. Quilts made of natural fibres like cotton can provide some freedom for breathability, and they’ll absorb excess moisture too. As for the winters, quilts can provide the right warmth and cosiness to put anyone to sleep in an instant. Wool is the best material for winter quilts as they act best for insulating heat and are also hypoallergenic.
  4. Cleaning And Storage: Unlike the bulky comforters, quilt covers are fairly easy to clean, and most of the time, a cycle in the washing machine would do. They are also very easy to store and don’t take much of the cupboard space. Being light in weight, quilts are also easy to use when making the bed after waking up. They are a more practical option for those travelling to different cities or camping trips and hiking.
  5. An Extra Layer Of Protection For The Comforters: Comforters cost a bit more than quilts in Australia. It is imperative to take care of the existing ones so one can use them for longer periods without them wearing down. An extra layer of the quilt can protect the material of the comforters from minor problems like loss of feathers, tears during movement or stains from spills. For those looking to buy luxurious bedding material, an extra layer of a quilt cover might be a good idea.

From practicality to improving the whole design of the room, quilts offer a variety of benefits that other bedding covers don’t usually give. Plus, with the added advantage of being much more affordable, don’t miss out on a good buy!

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