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Guide To On Page SEO Components

Today everything is happening online. From shopping for clothes and glossaries to booking hotels, spas, and doctor appointments, every aspect of our everyday lives is in front of our computers. Therefore, no matter how small or big a company is, every one of them must have an online presence. It can be a website that features blog posts or company initiatives. No matter what, having an online website can boost your statistics a lot more.

But with millions of websites all around, how can you make sure that yours stands on the top? The idea of SEO helps you here. There are multiple SEO components that you need to consider so that your website ranking is on top. On-Page SEO Component is one such aspect that you should know. Also, for your commercial website, you need the help of SEO experts that you can avail by hiring an SEO company. Hop over to this website to check the best quality of SEO company. 

Here are the top On page SEO components.

Meta descriptions

You might have observed that as soon you type something on your Google search engine, a bunch of URLs pop up. Under every URL, you find some HTML descriptions. Meta descriptions are critical because that is what your audience sees as soon as they come across your URL. And using the best keywords in these meta descriptions will increase your website ranking immensely.


The headline is the essential aspect of a blog post that captures the attention of your audience. Therefore, you need to have a catchy phrase that describes your article and is also fun and trendy to make the audience want to read the article thoroughly. If you use keywords in the headlines, it not just grabs the reader’s attention but also helps them discover your website more. The SERP’s of the webpage will skyrocket, and hence more people will start viewing the content. A headline can have different tones. It can be emotional, intellectual or even spiritual. What you use depends on who your audience is and what your topic focuses on.

Information auditing

Your web presence should always be in line with the latest practices. People usually overlook that aspect, but research found that it makes all the difference. Information or SEO auditing helps you find out the faults in both your website content and developments. You can recognize issues like technical glitches, website responsiveness or user experience problems, Content gaps, etc. These insights will help you understand ‘how you can further improve?’.

Picture optimization

It’s not just the content that defines your website but also the pictures that you use. The resolution, links, and authenticity of the photographs say a lot about the type of content you post online. Images increase user engagement. They speed up the page loading process. Keep in mind that image size is very different from file size, and the way you resize your image will help you out with picture optimization.


So, by making sure that your website content and design follows all the above on-page components, you can improve your website and therefore increase your visibility on the world wide web.

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