How to Build Links Using Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are the most powerful form of earning backlinks as they showcase a higher trust factor. Apart from building credibility across the niche, testimonial links also help in improving the SEO of your website, and rank the website in search engines.

Most businesses use testimonials and reviews as a way to build trust with their customers, and to learn more about what their ideal customer needs. Testimonials and reviews are also an excellent way to learn what adjustments need to be made to your product or services, by written testimonials you will better understand this important aspect where it is necessary to improve. For that keep in mind, and don’t forget about, create a solid testimonials page on your website. Using testimonials and reviews as a link-building tactic, however, is often overlooked.

What is Testimonial Link-Building?

Testimonial link building is using a positive comment from customers that have used your service or product and featuring them on your website. At its core, testimonial link building is meant to provide genuine positive word of mouth for website owners in exchange for a link. In the end, everyone’s happy and it helps brands grow and gain brand recognition. 

Link Building Benefits

Link building takes time and effort. Ongoing link building is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful SEO strategy. It’s right up there with a robust content marketing plan and a solid on-site optimization foundation. The more high-quality third-party websites that choose to link to your website (these links are called backlinks), the more likely it is for Google to rank your website higher in search results.

Improved organic search. Regardless of the number of updates that Google makes to its search algorithm, backlinks continue to be a critical factor in determining your website’s organic search rankings. As for the purpose of backlinks, they provide Google with a signal to the quality of your content and its relevance to your target audience. Search engines regard backlinks as votes of confidence. As the number of backlinks from well-ranked domains grows, search engines increasingly look to your website as credible, safe, and relevant. 

Brand and site authority. Google uses backlinks as a signal that your website is both relevant to a specific audience and that it publishes high-quality content. They tell Google that you are the authority in the space. 

The more authority you have, the more likely Google will rank your website for keywords associated with your area of expertise. In addition to building trust with Google, high-quality backlinks can also help build consumer trust in your brand. Backlinks can help provide third-party credibility. When potential customers see your website linked on a website they value, it can help to reinforce your company as a trusted entity for new and existing customers. 

Increased referral traffic. Not only will quality backlinks help to drive more organic traffic to your website, but backlinks can also drive more referral traffic to your website. 

Referral traffic is any traffic that comes to your website from a third-party website. It can boost your rankings in SERP. By driving targeted users to your site using keywords. And this traffic will increase your revenue.

How to Build the Right Testimonials Links?

Testimonial link building is a great way to score authoritative links from the homepages of your favorite products and services. Without beating around the bush, the whole process boils down to 6 crucial steps that anyone can follow. 

  • Make a list of relevant sites
  • Check out your social media reviews
  • Create a target list of products/services
  • Find their contact information
  • Dip your testimonials via e-mails
  • Write a relevant testimonial

Final Thoughts

Testimonials and reviews are an easy and effective way to build quality backlinks and improve your website’s authority and visibility.

As a bonus, writing or requesting testimonials and reviews isn’t nearly as awkward as some other standard link building methods! Update your link building strategy to include testimonials and reviews, and start building authentic B2B relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.

Building authentic business-to-business relationships can be a challenge. When you write testimonials and reviews or mention a favorite product or service on your own blog keep it genuine and personable.

Newer companies, especially, will appreciate this gesture. To continue to develop your relationship, follow and engage with the company on social media. 

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