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How to Figure Out if Your Appliance Is Still Under Warranty

The majority of us do not notice our home appliances until they stop working as they always have. All appliances, no matter how high quality, well maintained and properly used are bound to malfunction at some point in their lifespan. When appliances malfunction, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is whether the warranty is still valid. When appliances break down within the warranty window, you have the option of replacing or fixing the appliance free of charge. Check out Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD for excellent appliance repair services.

But first, read on to learn more about how you can determine whether your appliances are still under warranty.

What is the Typical Appliance Warranty Period?

Most brand new home appliances come with warranties that cover the product for at least one year. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for certain appliances. Extended warranties can cover you for any period beyond one year, usually capped at five years. If your appliance has broken down less than a month after purchase, the warranty is still likely to be active. When appliances break down so soon after purchase, the store you purchased from is likely to accept a return or exchange. All you have to do is call the store and confirm the warranty coverage. You can also opt to contact the manufacturer directly since most of them have entire departments dedicated to helping clients with warranty concerns.

What is in the Product Documentation?

The best way to confirm an appliance’s warranty status is to trace its receipt of purchase and owner’s manual. Though you may have purchased the malfunctioning appliance a long time ago, you may be shocked to discover that you purchased an extended warranty or another insurance service that is still active. Dig up the product documentation that accompanied your appliance to verify the status of your warranty. If you cannot trace your receipt or owner’s manual, you can call the manufacturer or store you purchased from for more details. You can also attempt to check your email in case you received an e-receipt.

Visit Manufacturer’s Website

If you cannot locate your product documentation, the manufacturer’s website may offer a ray of hope. The website will have specific details about the make and model of your appliance. It will likely offer details about the limited warranty and extended warranty. This information may refresh your memory and help you remember whether or not you purchased the extended warranty. Be sure you are checking the information for your particular make and model, since the warranty terms may differ even for appliances that look strikingly similar.

Contact the Store of Purchase

If the manufacturer’s website does not yield the information you seek, you may have better luck contacting the retailers. Most retailers keep detailed information on all sales. You stand a decent chance of retrieving particular details about your transaction. These details are likely to include the amount you paid for the appliance and any extra services purchased e.g. an extended warranty. The retailer may also know about certain customer reward programs that you could qualify for.

Credit Card Consumer Package

If you purchased your appliance with a credit card, chances are high that you benefited from a consumer protection package. Most credit card lenders offer complimentary extended appliance warranty cover. You can call your credit card company to find out the duration of their free extended package if they offer one. Some companies offer an extended warranty that goes for a year or more past the manufacturer’s limited warranty period.

Try Your Home Warranty

Most home warranty companies offer packages that include appliance coverage. Contact your company to find out if your home warranty includes appliance coverage. If it does, you should figure out the exact terms to determine whether your appliances are still under warranty protection.

Whatever the warranty status of your malfunctioning appliance, you will still need to repair it. After figuring out the warranty status of your appliances, you can plan on the best way to repair them. Whether or not your warranty is active, it is advisable to hire a certified professional for the repair job. Do not deal with amateurs because they are likely to void your warranty and offer substandard services. The best repair technicians also offer a warranty on their parts and labor to give you peace of mind about the quality of services offered. Do your research and ensure that you hire reputable repair technicians who will make lasting repairs.

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