How To Find A Good Offshore Development Company In India

Companies today are striving to achieve excellence in their services by offshoring work. If they want to stay ahead in the technology race, they must focus on hiring offshore agencies. You need to choose an offshore software development company in India that serves a global clientele. Countries like India have a base of talented engineers who build software without compromising quality and at a much cheaper rate.

But how does one identify a good offshore software development company in India? Read along to know more.

Structure Your Requirements

The first step is the most crucial one when looking for an offshore software development company. Even before one starts looking for a company in any country, one must set their priorities right.

You must know what kind of service you are looking forward to. Try creating a written proposal with an outline related to goals and metrics, the current capacity, and existing issues that might be solved with this service.

You can search for offshore agencies in India, and you will get a list, but which company is the right fit depends upon how much you know about what you want. Have a crystal clear idea of the company, expectations, and how you wish to create a team that builds better.

Experience in the Field

A crucial part of finding the right offshore partner in India is finding the right match. There are so many offshore agencies in India that might create confusion. The only way out is to find what work they have done before.

Do they have the right team that fits your requirements? Do they have demonstrable experience in this field? Can they deliver value successfully with remorse offshore teams? Start digging into their portfolio and ask people. The key here is to identify if they are the right fit for your company.

If the offshore agency showcases their top-quality and notable skills, only then take the conversation forward. Software development is not an easy task; that is why the caliber must be evaluated.

Another important aspect is finding if they are a cultural fit and can work on the terms your business is working. You can fight with time zone and distance, but if their work culture is something you do not align with, there is something worth pondering upon.

Work for Cost-Effectiveness

One looks for offshore agencies when either they don’t have the required talent or when the cost in their home country is high. In any of these cases, offshoring must deliver value. Usually, when one looks for an offshore agency in India, they know they will get quality and cost benefits.

The key here is accessing if there is cost-benefit or cost-effectiveness. Ideally, one must target an offshore agency that is cost-effective. For example, company A might do it at 30% less charge, but company B gives 5 times more with respect to results. Find your ideal fit according to the result, not just cost.


While hiring an offshore software development company, one must prioritize long-term goals and talent. Do not work above the cost ceiling, but aim for a company that delivers good-quality and better results. The only way to find the best offshore agency in India is to look at their work.

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