How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Are you hearing noises in the attic? Squirrel invasions are unfortunately rather common. To squirrels, attics are like big hollow trees – perfect for raising their kits and waiting out the winter’s cold. Squirrels recognize that the attic’s interior is warm, so they chew their way through soffits and vents to get inside.

These are cute, seemingly harmless animals, but squirrels have been known to wreak havoc indoors. They urinate and defecate in their nests, tear up the insulation, and chew on everything around them. If there are squirrels in your attic, you must have them removed immediately. The sooner you remove them, the lesser the damage will be.

Here’s how you can get rid of squirrels and keep them out of the attic for good.

Hire a Wildlife Removal Company

First, you will need to hire a wildlife removal company. Do not attempt to handle the squirrels because they risk biting you, and using traps is inhumane. Relocating the animals is also ill advised because it is illegal in most places. Trapping and relocating squirrels does them more harm than good.

In many cases in which homeowners have attempted to remove squirrels themselves, they left babies behind. Doing so will upset the mother squirrel, who will tear her way back into the attic, causing more damage. It can also leave the babies alone in their nests, where they will starve. This is totally inhumane.

Contact a professional for squirrel removal Oshawa or near you. The technician will find the nest, then install a one-way door to its entrance. The one-way door is like an open-ended trap. Once out of the nest, the squirrels will be unable to get back inside. If there are babies in the nest, you must wait a few weeks for them to grow. This process is humane and guaranteed to work.

Have Your Roof Repaired

Squirrels may come right back to your attic if the roof is damaged. Aging and damaged roofs have openings that let in squirrels and other wildlife. Ask the wildlife removal technician for exclusion and consider having your roof repaired. You should ensure that every gap and opening is sealed. A wildlife technician can seal most openings and cover roof vents and chimneys with mesh, while a roofer can fix larger structural issues.

Remove Sources of Food

Squirrels are drawn to properties that have food and water. If you want to avoid another invasion, take the time to tidy up your yard and get rid of every food source. Put away the bird feeder and pick up fallen fruit. If you grow fruits and vegetables, try protecting them with row covers or steel mesh. You can protect bulbs by covering them in mesh before burying them. You should also rake the leaves, clean the gutters, and maintain the lawn so there are fewer nesting materials available. Cut tree branches away from the roof so that it is harder to access.

Clean up the Attic

Once the squirrels are gone, you should clean up the attic to disinfect after the animals and remove odours that could attract more squirrels. First, put on a mask and a pair of gloves. Then, spray nesting materials and feces with disinfectant before bagging everything up in sealed plastic bags. Dirtied insulation should be thrown out as well. Throw the bag of garbage out immediately.

If it’s too much work, see if the wildlife removal company you hired offers disinfection services. Some companies will clean up after the animals, removing every germ and odour in the process. If you had to remove insulation, you can have it replaced later.

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