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How to Improve Shoppers Experience on Shopify?

The eCommerce industry is blossoming and like how. As per some studies, global e-commerce retail sales are likely to cross 2,7 trillion dollars in 2021. The numbers speak volumes and we can literally hear it.

While you’re wrapping your mind around the numbers, we put the brands and retailers in the spotlight. What are they doing to eat the bigger size of the pie?  Making ambitious marketing strategies, dolling out funds in hiring big celebs for advertising so on so forth.

The focus however in the blog is on the little details when a shopper visits an online store. What makes them happy, what puts them off, and more.  Without much ado, let’s begin.

1. Personalized Experience

How well do you know your shoppers?  Know them better, their tastes and preferences. What do they browse the most, for how long, what’s in their wishlist, cart, etc?  They may sound insignificant but it matters when you’re tailoring UX strategy for your online store.

For those having a Shopify eCommerce store, install Shopify search filters that can help to narrow down the number of products based on specific attributes like color and size.

Saving the time and energy of shoppers, you can make the experience personal that can translate into more conversions and recommendations to family, friends, etc.

There are many such solutions that you can incorporate into your website that can churn you a good number of sales and revenue.

2.   Product Page Loading Speed

An annoyingly slow product page is a turn-off. You will have shoppers not just bouncing off but you may lose them to your competitors.

The delay in loading the page can be addressed by

  • eliminating extra coding
  • optimizing CSS, HTML & JavaScript
  • reducing the image size and more.

Sit with your web designers and developers and fix the page speed. Do not make your shoppers wait!  Make it fast and easy.

3.   Seamless navigation

How many products have you got? The more product you have, the simpler it should be for shoppers to find the one they are looking for.

So, what do you do? Make the road to discover easily for them to tread.  Many use search bar, you can do better and instead integrate Shopify search filters that cut short the chase and save their time.

Also, you can simplify the web design that makes navigation a matter of few clicks. Declutter your website from unnecessary content, images, etc.

How about using facets to being shoppers a step closer to the relevant search results?  Ge them customized according to your online Shopify store.

4.   CRO-friendly website

You’ve got a website, not for information dispersion but to sell and make big money. right? Get a web design that lets it happen.  Present your products but with the intent of selling. Display compelling CTAs, use high-quality plugins, offer incentives on the page, etc.

Do not let the shoppers go looking for more information or answers. Add clear and crisp information on the product pages that prospective buyers need to know to make the purchase, then and there.

CRO-friendly website

5.   Shopping Assistants

Stuck somewhere while browsing, what to do? Have a friendly chat assistant pop out on the screen before the shopper exits.  Use AI-powered chatbots with data indexing capabilities that can direct the shoppers to make the purchase and not indulging them in random or meaningless conversations.

You can use a preconfigured chatbot or get one customized for your Shopify eCommerce store. MobileMonkey, Botsify, and Amelia are some examples you can consider for chatbots.

Shopping Assistants

6. Quick and safe checkout

The global cart abandonment rate is at a whopping 75.52%. We are not surprised for shoppers are hard to grab with so many options around. The last-minute change of mind can be frustrating, especially if you’ve undertaken all the steps we suggested above.

What if you can give them that slight nudge to complete the transaction? A winning stroke is not unleashed till the very last minute to score a sale.

Clear and compelling CTAs make things pretty easy.  Provide a safe and secure checkout experience that does not take multiple steps and in totality, consumes a few seconds to complete.

In the end

User experience is directly related to the lead conversion for your Shopify store. Do anything and everything that makes your online store user-friendly to convert for your eCommerce store.

Try the solutions, all or some of them, and experience the difference they make to the sales revenue of your Shopify store.

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