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How to Keep Your Office Internet Running Efficiently

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or constantly running out of data, you’re not alone. Many offices deal with similar issues on a daily basis, and looking for ways to streamline internet access and data use is a key priority for many businesses these days (especially ones with rapidly growing staff).

With a sharp uptick in office employees working from home, decent office internet setup support is more important than ever. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your office internet running as efficiently as possible, which we’ll cover in the points below.

  1. Identify which devices are using the most bandwidth

This can be done by looking at your router’s control panel or downloading a program that monitors internet usage. Once you know which devices are hogging the most bandwidth, you can take steps to limit their use during work hours.

  1. Close any unnecessary programs or tabs that are hogging bandwidth

This includes things like streaming video services, music applications, and large file downloads. If there’s something that can wait until after work hours, close it down to free up some bandwidth for other users.

  1. Reboot your computer and router regularly

This helps to clear any memory or data that might be taking up space and slowing down your connection.

  1. Update your antivirus software and operating system regularly

This helps to keep your computer free of malware and other programs that could slow down your internet connection.

  1. Connect to the office network via an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi

This provides a stronger, more stable connection than Wi-Fi does, which can help to improve speeds and reduce interruptions.

  1. Periodically upgrade your internet plan for a higher speed or more data allowance as necessary

As your office grows, you may find that you need a faster or more robust internet connection. By upgrading your plan periodically, you can ensure that you have the bandwidth you need to support your business’ growth.

  1. Limit streaming video and music during work hours

This can be done by setting up an office-wide policy or using internet management software to limit access to certain types of sites and services.

  1. Talk to your IT department about ways to optimise your internet connection

Your in-house IT professionals may be able to recommend changes to your office setup or suggest different ways of using the internet that can help improve efficiency. Don’t have an IT department? There are plenty of reputable and dependable office internet setup support providers you can call for help. By following these tips, you can make sure that your office internet is running as efficiently as possible.

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