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What are Yuken directional valves?

Yuken directional valve is commonly used in hydraulic systems in order to control the pressure, volume, or direction of the fluid. The primary purpose of this component is to command the start, stop, and flow direction in addition to guiding the flow direction of the fluids.

Basically, Yuken valve consists of a body (housing) that contains internal channels (hydraulic actuation cylinders), a control piston, and either one or two return springs.

In systems that carry water or gas, Yuken directional valve is a very commonly used component. Before developing this system and selecting the directional valves that will be used, a hydraulic system is created in which these directional valves are represented by rectangles. This step comes before the assembly of the system.

The demonstration design of the hydraulic diagram is important because it determines the number of Yuken directional valves that will be used in the project. It also takes into account the number of positions those valves have, the number of lanes they have, their rest position, the type of command that will be used for actuation, and the type of return.

It is necessary for Yuken directional valves to be activated by a type of command that can either be direct or indirect in order for them to work between the various existing positions, which is to say to change the position of the flow. This is because working between the various existing positions requires changing the position of the flow.

One of the main advantages of Yuken valve is the fact that Yuken directional valves are supplied at extremely reasonable prices, making Yuken valves an investment that has an outstanding cost and beneficial characteristics. Yuken valve is produced in a modern facility and machined in a state-of-the-art machining center before being sent out to customers. This item is put through rigorous testing and must completely satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000 before it can go on sale.

Types of Yuken Directional Valves

Yuken directional valves may have 2, 3, 4, or even more fluid passageways than that. 2- Two-way valves have two channels that may be linked to one another or left disconnected. When the Yuken valve is in one of its extreme positions, the flow path is open, but when it is in the other extreme position, there is no flow path; this gives the valve “on and off” functionality. In addition to a tank port, a pressure port, and a user port, the 3-way Yuken directional valves’ primary purpose is to alternately pressurize and empty an orifice. Reversal may be accomplished with the help of the 4-way Yuken valve.

It is vital to contact an expert in Yuken valves which is a professional company that specializes in the field in order to determine which Yuken valve is the best option for each individual project.

Yuken Hydraulics is a business that is involved in the trading and maintenance of oil-hydraulic goods and is prepared to satisfy the demand of the market. The majority of the leading manufacturers in the industry provide the goods that the firm offers. Engineers and technicians working at Yuken have over ten years of industry expertise each, making them a valuable asset to the company.

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