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How to lock an electric scooter?

As an owner of an electric scooter, one crucial thing that comes to your mind is your article’s security. You need protection for your e-scooter to prevent it from stealing. Even sometimes, thieves steal body parts like wheels or bells, etc. So what to do while you’re shopping and want someone to take care of your scooter?

This blog post will tell you about locks and their different types to use for your electric scooter. As you know, good safety must be something that smacks the burglar. So keep reading to learn which kind of lock is suitable for you.

What is the best way to lock an electric scooter?

No matter how tightly you secure your electric scooter, an expert robber can efficiently run off with your e-scooter. That’s why you need some techniques to dodge the thief.

Traditional locks and ropes can be cut. Usually, the stealer keeps a sharp knife with them, so you require a metal lock that can’t be broken or cut. This element leads us to the next point.

Which is the best lock for my electric scooter?

D locks, chain locks, and cable locks, you can consider any option that works the best for you. But call to mind the rankings of locks according to sold security. Some locks are bronze, some are silver, and some of them are gold ranked. As per your budget, consider any safety which is enough for your security.

How to lock electric scooters?

Electric scooters can give you a tough time if you have a big, powerful e-scooter. You can’t keep your heavy e-scooter in your bag pack. Meaning, you have to tie your e-scooter with something rigid.

Cable Lock:

If you’re using a cable lock, wrap it around your wheel strings or steering, and attach it with rigid support. In this way, your wheels will not revolve while riding, and your handle will take more time to remove the knot.

Disc Lock:

Disc locks are an excellent option to dodge the thief by ceasing wheels. You can simply apply the disc lock on your brake caliper.

Chain Locks:

A chain lock is far better than a regular cable lock, as it has a covering of chains instead of thin wires. They are affordable and secure. You can choose chain locks for your electric scooter’s security as a cutter or knife cannot cut them.


Alarms are the best choice for robust security. You can install a simple alarm setup to your electric scooter and save it from future stealing. We can connect alarms with any type of lock or adjust them as a separate setup.

Final Words:

Electric scooters are great fun. On the other hand, they demand care and investment from time to time. Keep updating your electric motor with the latest accessories to enjoy riding it more.

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