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How To Use Benches In Your Interior Design?

One of the chicest home decor pieces one can come across is a bench. It can be placed anywhere in the house without asking for much space and maintenance. Besides just for sitting purposes, a bench can also be used as a decorative furniture piece. If you want a vintage vibe for your house, you can go for a wooden bench. Similarly, benches are also available in other materials like iron, teak and aluminium. To make the place look aesthetically more pleasing, you can also put cushions on the bench. You can easily order bench cushions online and get them.

Different places in the home where a bench can be placed are as follows:

  • Patio bench

If you are somebody who likes spending more time in the courtyard/garden of your house, then a few benches being put up there will be a great idea. Other than that, they also add to the beauty of the outdoor sitting area. One can calmly sit with their cup of coffee on the bench and enjoy it.

  • Entry of the house

It is so often that while a person enters the house, they quickly need to put down a heavy package, or they immediately want to get seated, and this is how a bench comes to their rescue. 

If the entry area of a house is not very big, then a bench can easily fit in there and enhance the beauty of the space.

  • In a Bedroom

A bench can be put beside the window, which can be made as a reading spot while breathing fresh air. Since a bedroom itself signifies comfort, so to make the experience even better, you can order bench cushions online and place them on your bench. Then, you are ready to enjoy the book with a cup of tea.

  • Dining table/Dinettes

There might be a scenario where the dining table is for 2. And if the guests arrive, some of the members have to sit alone and have dinner. Here, a bench can be added across the dining table, and everyone can sit & have dinner together. With a bench, it becomes easy to fit into any situation.

If not seated, benches can become a great accessory for your house. Traditional benches are also available and are great as an accessory to your house.

Benches are available in many shapes and sizes like-

  • Curved bench-Which are curved in shape
  • Garden Bench– The ones particular found in gardens
  • Backless bench– A bench without a backrest with it. Found in shops particularly
  • Concrete bench– traditional style benches mostly found in parks.
  • Storage bench-Which apart from seating, provides a good amount of storage space
  • Indoor bench– Which are sold in combination with a dining table
  • Planter bench-Which have planters attached to it.


Having a bench as one of your home decor pieces, there are so many alternatives to how it can be used. You have to get seated and envision all the possible options. A bench is one of the best options for seating given a small space, and if you add cushions to it, other than just enhancing it, it also makes the bench very comfortable. Order bench cushions online and place them on the bench.

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