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DIY interiors is a growing trend all over the globe, as more and more people opt to remodel or design their homes themselves. This trend allows homeowners to be an intricate part of building their homes to their tastes. It also includes making several decisions, ranging from doors, windows, flooring tiles, fences, railings, and kitchen and laundry benchtop. DIY-ers have many choices for choosing materials, designs, colours and patterns for these various surfaces. One of the major decisions is kitchen and laundry surfaces, as they will be in regular use.

Countertops, benchtops, and sinks are more functional than decorative. But there are an array of options available in sinks today like Installing ADA stainless steel sinks made with ace quality stainless steel is sure to fulfill your needs. Countertops come in a range of materials, from metal to stone and from wood to glass.

4 Types Of Laundry Benchtop And Kitchen Countertop Materials

There are no limits to what designs the various countertops can produce across various materials. Ranging from natural designs like raw concrete to more complex designs like rippled marble, home designers can explore the extent of their creativity.


Concrete benchtops may seem plain and dull, but they are one of the most malleable materials for designs. Concrete also comes in a range of greys, blacks and whites as base colours, allowing people to find one that suits their interior decor theme. Additionally, concrete surfaces have a unique texture which adds to their elegance. Raw concrete has a rougher look with highly tactile textures. People can also opt for more mellow textures like plain or smooth concrete. They are also the best fit for laundry rooms as washing machines also come in the same colour palettes.


When it comes to countertops and benchtops, granite is usually the de-facto option for its charismatic elegance filled with aesthetic ripples. Granite also comes in several colours, from bold colours to neutral blacks and greys. Granite stone is known for its distinctive ripple design that sets it apart. Even granite facsimiles try to ape their ripples. This stone is also as durable as they come guaranteeing years of use. While granite might seem like an expensive choice, it doesn’t amount to much when people only use it for countertops instead of floors or stairs. Granite can also add a splash of colour to laundry rooms which mostly follow a neutral colour palette.


Stone is also another material commonly misinterpreted as plain or dull. But stone countertops and benchtops are far from ordinary. This material allows for a range of texturisation, making for unique surfaces across the home. Additionally, stone countertops allow for other material combinations for a more varied palette. Stone is highly durable and can provide years of use for all kinds of activities. It is also easy to maintain.


Marble countertops are perhaps some of the costliest materials, but they add an instant glow to whichever space they occupy. Marble also comes in several colours using synthetic dyes, but their natural colours are just as endearing. They bring a classy look with just their plain surfaces. They are also some of the most durable benchtop materials available.

Like most materials, a kitchen and laundry benchtop last longer with proper care and maintenance. General care instructions include regular wiping with mild detergents and warm water. Benchtop brands give more specific care instructions depending on the material.

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