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Press Release Distribution Services: Important Features To Consider

As a small business owner, your only chance of thriving in the highly competitive market is through press coverage. But, unfortunately, press coverage doesn’t just come organically. You’ll have to work for it.

Here comes the role of Press releases services.Press release of a company plays a crucial role in increasing the brand awareness and aiding you with public relations via PR agencies. However, these releases are of no use if nobody sees them. To get noticed by online blogs, local/national newspapers and magazines, you need to distribute the press release effectively.

In the following blog, you’ll get everything you need to know about distribution of press release from it’s importance and benefits to list of top press release services along with pricing. So, sit back relaxed and read through the article to put together a plan of action that results in optimal brand awareness.

What are Press Release Distribution Services?

Basically, press releases distribution is a tool that allows the businesses to send press release to a large targeted audience. This comprehensive distribution network is an integral part of brand exposure, content marketing and reputation management.

How Press Release Distribution Work?

PR agencies can help businesses send press releases to a targeted pre-existing list of media professionals, journalists or by syndication it to various press release distribution sites such as Globe Newswire, BusinessWire, PR web and PR Newswire. They can also reach out to social media influencers and bloggers.

Press Release Distribution – 5 Important Features To Consider

  1. Media Exposure

The main objective of any PR agency should be to gain maximum media exposure and traction. It can be possible only if you’re using the right kind of newswire with optimum media outlets, or an excellent syndication system.

To achieve significant media traction the authoritativeness of the media sites picking up your story should be good. Also the SEO of your press release is important, so that it can become more relevant with the search terms. And lastly, the volume of sites featuring you story. All these combined together with Authority, Relevance and Trust form an effective Press release.

  1. Brand Exposure

Branding is somewhere the most important part of this entire process. As soon as you publish a press release, it is expected to appear on several major sites and get indexed quickly. If this happens immediately, it can be considered as a positive signal towards a site’s trust level.

  1. Reliable Customer support

For an effective PR campaign, a readily available customer support that shortens the time gap between a query and a helpful response to that query can prove to a critical game- changer. So, it’s always a good idea to go after newswire services that has multiple channels of communication.

  1. Wide Media Coverage

It is important to understand that sending press release is not just limited to journalists but to gain visibility and exposure, it needs to appear on several media sites. Therefore, make sure to choose a PR agency that increases your brand visibility while ensuring that your audience sees the latest information related to your firm.

  1. Press Release Optimization

Human brain functions in a manner that it prioritizes visuals over text. So adding images can grab your audience’s attention rather quickly as compared to texts. This is why you should choose a press release distribution service that allows more images and has an extensive cap on word limit.

Grow your Business With Press Release Distribution Services

As we’ve already established, the importance and need of press release distribution services. Let’s now dive deep intomajor benefits of a press release that helps your business grow.

Sending press release manually can be very time consuming and inefficient for small businesses that have much larger problems to emphasize on. Thus, hiring a press release distribution service is the ideal solution.

These distribution services allow you to operate hassle free without worrying about the manual labour that goes into sending release to journalists by yourself.

Not to forget, the increase in efficiency they provide by making the experts distribute your news story to relevant journalists, social media sites and influencers.

So, here’s a list of top press release distribution sites with press release distribution pricing. Gothrough them and choose what best suites you.

  1. Presswire

Presswire stands out from the rest as it provides various amazing features which include the ability to translate your press release into any language along with leverage geo-targeting to send it to appropriate regions. The pricing starts at USD 150 and goes up-to five figures based on the selected distribution package and add-ons.

  1. Newswire

Newswire is one of the major players in the market. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a distribution service that can reach major news outlets like NBC and MarketWatch. The pricing starts at USD 199 and goes up-to five figures based on your choice of industries and volume of press release.

  1. eReleases

With over 20 years of experience in market, eReleases is a trustworthy distributor which also optimizes your press release and improves the ranking on search engines. The pricing starts at USD299 and goes up-to USD 599 without certain add-ons.

  1. EIN Presswire

Affordable and quick are the proverbs that defines EIN presswire. This high authority website which enables you to earn backlinks and gain benefits on search engines as well. The pricing at EIN Presswire starts at USD 50 per release and goes up-to USD 999 in many cases.

  1. PR Distribution

The PR Distribution Services provides services across United States and United Kingdom. Some of it’s packages include unlimited word count and access to news outlets like NBC and ABC. The pricing starts at USD 99 and goes up-to USD 1,300 for other packages.


Hiring a press release distribution service can prove to be a game-changer in many ways. It can boost your overall marketing returns and increase your brand visibility when done in right manner.

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