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When Should You Consider Looking for Google AdSense Alternatives?

Google Adsense is one of the biggest ad networks for beginners. It is easier to start working with AdSense when you are a beginner with fewer resources to sell out for ads. Once you grow your business, though, you may start looking at Google AdSense Alternatives.

Adsense is backed by Google, holds a high reputation in the online advertising industry, and over 38 million websites use AdSense to generate revenue.

What Does Google AdSense Offer?

Launched in 2003, Google AdSense is a free platform using which website owners can monetize their websites. In addition, AdSense opened doors for content-based marketing, which allowed website owners to display ads of products and companies similar to their content.

AdSense is so easy that even beginners can quickly implement it on their website. Advertisers need to place bids for their ad placement, and the highest bidder wins the spot. Bloggers utilize AdSense as it helps them to monetize their website quite easily.

Why Do You Need Alternatives for Google AdSense?

For a business owner, it looks like AdSense is the best ad network to promote their websites. It is pretty good, but some reasons make it a little obsolete. However, there are always other options available in the market, and hence as a business, you should always keep exploring better ways.

AdSense is a beginner-friendly ad network that performs very well for small and medium-sized business websites. But if you are looking to get more monetary benefits from your website, there is time to look for Google AdSense alternatives.

Having known why to use AdSense alternatives, it is time to answer the main question.

When to Consider Looking for AdSense Alternatives?

Eligibility Criteria

Almost all ad networks have eligibility criteria. An eligibility criterion helps the ad network to select only the best websites of any domain. Therefore, the main reason to consider looking for AdSense alternatives is the eligibility criteria.

Google adheres to its policies strictly and hence does not allow substandard websites into its programs. For example, Google requires that a website reach a specific metrics milestone eligible for AdSense induction.

If your website does not meet those criteria, it is time that you consider working with other ad networks that have lower eligibility criteria.

Minimum Payout

Minimum payout is the amount you need to earn from the network before you can cash it out. For example, with Google’s AdSense minimum payout amount is $100, which can be quite a considerable amount if you don’t have much traffic on your website.

The minimum Payout amount is one such reason that requires you to think of alternatives. Because if you cannot reach the $100 mark easily, you cannot cash out your earnings. Some rival ad networks provide lesser minimum payouts. This helps those companies to attract more website owners for advertisements.

Revenue Sharing

Currently, Google AdSense gives website owners 68% of the revenue generated from their ads. If you think that this is too much to be given away, it is better to consider Google Adsense alternatives. A variety of ad networks in the market provide higher revenue share to the publishers.

If you think that your website is of the best quality and google Adsense is chewing off your revenue, it is better to go for other ad networks. Working with other ad networks might be a little complicated, but it is worth it to revenue.

Banned Account

A banned Adsense account is an inevitable reason to look out for alternatives. Google follows a stringent policy to prevent fraudulent clicks. Unfortunately, many people had indulged in fraudulent click activity before Google AdSense, which made them earn more without getting organic traffic.

Thus Google Adsense came with strict policies that stopped all such activity. If you even click on your ad on the website, your account might get banned. This is a big thing to watch out for. Once you get your account banned, you can no longer earn through Adsense. Your account will get completely locked, leaving you to look out for AdSense alternatives.

Limited Ad Range

Google AdSense is a great way to add advertisements to your website, but it sometimes lacks the punch. Particular advertisements may not fit perfectly on your website, and Google Adsense sometimes fails to understand this.

Google AdSense has a limited range of advertisements to choose from. However, it does not provide complete control over the types of ads a publisher wants to display on his website. Also, if you like to customize ads according to your website’s theme, it is time to consider looking for alternatives.

Extra Revenue Sources

If AdSense revenue is not sufficient for your website, and you want to generate more revenue, it is better to consider other alternatives. Though AdSense provides enough revenue to good websites, there is no harm if you want to work with other networks.

If your website has whitespace that can make you some money, why not utilize it. You can work with any AdSense alternative to boost your revenue.

AdSense and other ad networks are the primary sources of revenue for websites. So if any of the above conditions apply to you, you can consider looking for AdSense alternatives.

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