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The Best Music Promotion Services And Platforms

The music industry is expanding with numerous inventions and innovations. Many musicians and artists are venturing into digital space to promote and market their music and videos and increase their fan base. However, there are many platforms to market music which are not limited to YouTube, Facebook, and music upload sites.

An efficient music promotion service helps beat competition from other artists and makes your music career bounce. Many artists nowadays use websites like SpotifyStorm to get ahead of the competition. However, if you don’t have access to PR services, you may struggle to get more plays and video views as your piece of art is not in the public domain.

In this article, I wish to outline the best music promotion services and platforms one may use to get more views and generate more income and, to be precise, YouTube.


YouTube goes without a say, is one of the most-watched music platforms in the digital, instead of giving a wordy post blog that contains your typical music promotion, why not try YouTube?

With YouTube, you can reach potential customers and take action whenever they watch or search for your music. In addition, YouTube helps to connect with people interested in your music. it has a service known as Find My Audience, which enables artists to get a deeper understanding of their valuable customers and what they are planning to listen to.

There are two ways you can promote your music on YouTube.

YouTube channel promotion

You look more official, legit, and more natural when you have a YouTube channel. It also earns you more subscribers. Here are some things to consider to make a YouTube channel look professional and attract new followers.

  • Put your profile photo on your channel so that you may be recognized easily.
  • Have a channel banner.
  • Link your channel with other platforms like your website and social media accounts, where they can also find your music.
  • Have a playlist of your music on the channel.

Anytime you release a new song, be consistent in uploading it to your channel. It sets a good schedule for you, and it helps you win more subscribers and build a fan base.

Your channel should also keep your audience in an anticipatory mood whenever you are in the studios doing something new. This is because you post about your project on your channel. There are two things worth noting while using the YouTube channel.


Networking with other musicians’ YouTube channels is also another you can improve your fan base. Some habits like leaving comments on other musician channels may win you some fans. In addition, networking helps build new opportunities and expand your music territories.

Use of YouTube search engine optimization(SEO)

Another way to promote your music label is by using YouTube SEO, which involves fans using your name or music title to find your work on your channel. For example, if you drop a new song and upload it on your channel, your fans will use your name or the music title, which will lead them to your channel.

The only limitation with SEO is that if you share common names or standard music titles, it ecomes hard for fans to find your music. When they search, they find famous artists, which is unsuitable for an upcoming artist

However, you can take the following values with YouTube search engine optimization.

  • Creating a better description of your piece of work.
  • Having a music title that imitates what many fans are searching for.
  • Creating tags and links that further describe your piece of art.

That all said, the big question is, how do you create a YouTube channel to upload your music?

You may make a YouTube channel in two different methods.

Method 1: Creating a channel with your existing google account

YouTube is a product of Alphabet plc and runs on google accounts.


  • Sign in with your Google account credentials in the YouTube app.
  • Click the top right corner, which has your account icon.
  • Your account will ask whether you want a personal or brand account.
  • Choose the bland account since it comes with a customized name, and you can share its credentials with your fans.
  • Enter your brand name as the channel’s name and click create.

Your channel will be created automatically. You can add your profile picture, banner image, and other relevant information as you may wish.

Method 2: Creating a channel if you don’t have a google account.


  • Go to your Gmail account and click on create an account.
  • Enter your names and click next.
  • Sign in with your newly created account on your YouTube app.

Next, follow the steps outlined in method one above to create your YouTube account.

YouTube music promotion

As a new artist, you should utilize the music channel on YouTube to reach a more extensive fan base. YouTube music promotion has more audience than other music promotion services like Spotify and sound cloud.

YouTube music promotion is best for promoting music based on niche and genre. However, using YouTube, you can’t go wrong as they don’t decide which should be your lead single or who listens to your music.


Music promotion channels are YouTube channels that provide new music that has been hand-selected and posted regularly. They typically select music that appeals to their intended audience. As a result, musicians acquire notoriety and recognition, while promotion companies profit from commercialization. Both parties involved benefit from the model.

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