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The Best PC Configurations for Gamers with Computer Part Picker

Gone are the days when we bought a factory-built computer. Today, everyone is technically smart enough to destroy an assembled processor on their own. The reasons to buy a factory-built computer are that we receive a warranty; we do not know how to assemble a computer, how to choose the best computer configuration, what components of the computer are needed to get it to the desktop screen, or where to choose the most the best computer components for assembling a desktop tower.

Now that we have a warranty on each individual computer component, with PCbuilder we can simply upgrade our computer to get the best gaming experience.

Graphics Card:-

Most processors come with built-in graphics that will run daily tasks very well. But if you plan to play state-of-the-art PC games or run heavy media applications, you’ll want a separate graphics card that connects to one of the PCI-Express ports on the system board. The card you receive depends on what you want to do. Even if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art game, you probably don’t need to spend as much as you think.

The power and quality of the installed video card will depend on the display of the picture, the smoothness of the movement of the characters in computer games and the brightness of the image. They go from old cards with 256 MB, and up to 2 GB and if you accept it for office work, then you will fit 256-512 MB card, and if you want to buy a gaming device, then it is desirable to take a 1024 MB video card.

Housing Fans:-

Most cases will come with one or two fans for basic airflow, but if you’re serious about cooling, you’ll want to use all available mounting points. Or you may want to get fans that aren’t as strong (or come in cool colors). Whatever you do, make sure you get the right size fans for your case. Most fans have a diameter of 120 mm, but some cases may have 80 mm or 140 mm fan mounts. Most desktop processors come with a cooling solution, while video cards certainly have one. This module is more in the field of upgrades.


Here everything is much easier. For games we will need 8 GB of RAM or more. It will cost more and more, while the complex has 8 gigabytes with a good processor and video card, you can play in everything. The selected motherboard must support RAM, run at least 1600 MHz. If we look at the motherboard, then it just supports the work of a RAM on its frequency. Accordingly, RAM is also selected with an operating frequency of 1600 MHz. You don’t need it below, it will work slower.

Final Verdicts:-

As a conclusion of this article, you need to make a reservation that more information on connecting components to each other, as well as their compatibility, you can learn from the special instructions on our resource. For these purposes, it is best to use the search form, as there are completely different cases.

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