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Black Ops Cold War Alpha Tips: 3 Things You Need to Know

There are certain things you must know before playing the Black Ops Cold War Alpha. Since you’re accessing the pre-release version, bear in mind that everything is not complete yet. The developers are still going to improve on some aspects that are not up to par right now. That’s how the alpha games work.

But some of the things you can expect are modes like Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch between two teams of 6 players, and Domination. Also, the maps available are Satellite and Miami. Domination will feature a 12v12 mode Combined Arms and not the usual mode on Crossroads and Armada where vehicles reign. The Create-a-Class feature will also be accessible for players.

So, if you’re set to play it, keep reading to find out the three things you shouldn’t forget. Also, grab the black ops cold war hacks to enjoy the alpha better. With that said, let’s get to it.

Black Ops Alpha Tips 

  • The game is different. 

The first thing you should know is that Black Ops is different from other COD series. That means learning everything from scratch. Don’t use the same play styles or strategies that worked for you in the other installments. With that in mind, you can prepare to understand the game better.

Also, you will explore to discover new tricks, strategies, styles, and even equipment that will help you play better. Moreover, the weapons and how they work are not going to be the same. There are bound to be some changes in Black Ops Cold War. So, drop whatsoever knowledge you have about Modern Warfare and start playing as if it’s your first time.

As you complete some matches, you’ll learn many things about this particular installment and continue to master it gradually. So, instead of trying to employ your old strategies, learn better ones to prepare fully for the main version. The greatest thing to remember is that whatever you learn here will give you an edge over players who never bothered with the alpha version.

  • Your results don’t matter-explore and test.

It is an alpha release and not the main game. So, whatsoever results you’ll get doesn’t matter. If you’re someone who plays and watches the stats, you can drop the habit in the alpha because none of it will reflect in the complete version of the game. Stats like the kill death ratio don’t matter.

Whether you die more than you kill in this release won’t hurt your records. Instead, focus on learning everything about the game. Check out the weapons, perks, equipment, etc. Most importantly, this is not the time to select a particular gun and stick with it. Instead, your goal is to test everything out, such as the maps you’ll play and how best to approach them.

According to some professionals, the alpha is the best time to move all over the map. This strategy will prepare you for the beta and complete game. You will face various situations and test out many items too. Since everything comes unlocked, you’ll have access to it all.  Many players are talking about the AK-74u as the best gun to play with in the game. This is your time to test it out and also check the others. But while doing it, try to be careful too; no need to die before you learn what you need.

  • Choose the helpful weapons.

Grab UAVs in this alpha game as your top scorestreak. There are many others, yes, but this one will help you familiarize yourself with the map earlier. Remember, this is an alpha game, and no one knows how others play on the maps.

As a result, it’ll be difficult to uncover enemies without UAVs. Also, you’ve not mastered how spawns work or how things flow in the game can’t develop a play style without such knowledge. So, make UAVs your guiding star as you play.  Also, make sure you check the weapon classes in this game to prepare you for the things to come.


Black Ops Cold War Alpha is the game that prepares you for the main version. Everything you should do here is to learn and master. Try out whatsoever weapon and perk that is available. Don’t bother with stats like the Kill Death ratio, as it won’t count as anything later. Instead, explore the maps with UAVs to learn how everything works.


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