What website can I watch live sports for free?

Having familiarity with websites that offer a sport streaming for free is not an easy task, especially when you are unsure whether they are giving the service they provide. To know more about the sites that are top sports streaming for free of 2021, you may refer to these subsequent reviews.

If you are a big fan of sports and want to watch your favorite sports online, the following websites for sports streaming can be convenient for you.

Some sites need a login, and some others demand a subscription. Unfortunately, the areas that offer sports streaming for free don’t have official streams, so their quality is likely to be poorer เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์.

So let’s step ahead and check out the following list.

  1. Free Streaming by ESPN

ESPN is amongst the utmost famous bases for sports news. It delivers many sports streaming which you can watch for free. Those include football, basketball, hockey, etc. Moreover, you can watch easily just from your phone, given that you have set up the application and your internet connection is active.

Positive points:

  • Main sports such as basketball, tennis, football, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, etc., can be watched freely by running ESPN. Many of these sports are the most favorite sport of the public all over the world. So when you want live streaming of your favored game, ESPN could be the best site to run.

Negative points:

  • You can’t get access to every game on ESPN. It offers only those games streams that belong to their power. ESPN will not stream when they don’t have the rights. Some definite games are protected by the paywall, which means you have to pay to access such sports.
  1. By Reddit

It is one of the most popular sites to search for illegal sports streams when you cannot find a live sport streaming from the authorized sources. Reddit is fascinating since it allows you to create groups about a particular sport. The groups are identified as subreddits.

So, Reddit doesn’t offer live games streaming, but consumers can post games links to catch streaming over the connections of added sites.

Positive points:

  • You can make the groups built on your favorite games and create a long-lasting relationship between the fellows through which you will distribute the links of top free streaming sites of sports 2021 like P2P4U.

Negative points:

  • There may be a combination of offensive and confusing ads, so it is recommended that you should become active an adblocker if you are trying to visit an unfamiliar site.
  1. By Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch might be helpful when it comes to viewing streaming of live sports. Facebook has succeeded in getting the rights to stream a lot of various sports. You can watch freely by just having a Facebook account.

Positive points:

  • It allows Facebook users to watch live streaming of sports freely in a controllable way. So, it can be easier for the consumers to connect to the site.

Negative points:

  • As Facebook users offer all of the streaming, you may get more inferior quality at the time of streaming.
  1. By Cricfree

It is a streaming site of sports that focuses on cricket. Though, it too has streaming from different sports such as baseball, soccer, and football. It hosts all the main links for famous sporting occasions.

Positive points:

  • For the lovers of cricket, the carefree site is like a paradise. Mainly to deliver live streaming of cricket, it has loads of cricket videos indeed.

Negative points:

  • The deceptive popup ads are indeed problematic. Even though you have activated the ad blocker, it doesn’t aid much.
  1. By Laola1

It is an Australian -built site for live streaming. This site has a worldwide version that’s not region-blocked; thus, you can stream sports in your nation. It is a great site if your region doesn’t require broadcasting rights to be matched.

Positive points:

  • Provided that you know even though a slight of English language, you can be capable of enjoying watching worldwide sports events offered by Loala1.

Negative points:

  • If you don’t know English, it can be slightly more challenging to understand the whole match.


These are some free football sites using which you can watch sports streams anytime. All of these are official and easy to use.

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