What You Should Know About Growing Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis can be great as you will get a chance to see the plant through its growth cycle and collect your seeds. Having your seeds will allow you to transform from a cannabis enthusiast to an amateur breeder. As a breeder, you can customize your plants to develop new strains or to suit specific needs. Check below to learn more about marijuanas seeds.

What are Marijuana Seeds?   

Marijuana seeds involve the seeds that grow from the cannabis plant. If you want your marijuana cultivation to be successful, you must invest in female plants. Cannabis female plants produce flowers of the highest quality for smoking.

Marijuana seeds develop when a female plant gets fertilized by a male plant. However, if you are growing your females for smoking, it is best to prevent them from being fertilized. This helps ensure that the buds are not filled with seeds. Nevertheless, if you are interested in producing hemp seed oil or seeds for reproduction, you should allow fertilization.

How Do I Choose the Appropriate Marijuana Seeds?

If you are growing your cannabis from a clone, there is a high chance that the plant will not produce seeds. Seeds develop after the male plant fertilizes the female; only the female plant can bear seeds.

There are various ways you can use it to acquire your seeds. If your area of residence is a legal recreational or medical state, you can visit your dispensary and ask for reputable seeds companies. You can also order the seeds from an online seed bank like ILGM. For souvenir purposes’ seeds are legal in most regions globally, and seedbanks can ship them worldwide. However, the United States does not allow people t order these seeds online.

When Choosing your seeds, you can look out for these Qualities.

Even though finding seeds may be a little challenging, selecting the appropriate seeds for germination can be easy. Several features will help you choose the best seeds, and they include

  • Size

typically, Sativa produces tiny and more uniformly colored seeds, while Indicas have much bigger seeds with strips.

  • Color

Acquiring seeds that depict a dark-brown color with a teardrop shape is advisable. However, some seeds might have splotches of different tan, brown and black shades or dark stripes. Do not take seeds that have a green or pale color.

  • Hardness

Avoid taking damaged or soft seeds. An ideal seed should encompass a hard outer shell.

Types of Marijuana Seeds Available for Sale

Although it might be easier to order cannabis seeds from online banks, it can be confusing as various varieties are available. The first thing you must do before ordering involves identifying the strain you would like to grow. Most seed banks will organize their seeds by their recreational or medical use, while others will organize them by types such as hybrid, Sativa, high-CBD, and Indica.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This is usually the first classification of cannabis you will likely come across, referring to the plant’s gender. These plants are the best for growing smokable flowers. One of the benefits you will enjoy from selecting these plants includes a guarantee that you will get a female plant. Therefore, cannabis farmers can be saved, consuming a lot of time while separating the female and male plants.

Nevertheless, these plants might also develop a hermaphrodite condition where the female and male flowers grow alongside each other on the same plant. This increases the chances of self-pollinating, making the bud insufficient for smoking.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

This involves seeds that will generate plants growing flowerless for a specific period and then start flowering. Typically, cannabis plants’ changes are influenced by the change in light, significantly as the summer season transforms to fall. Plants are primarily vegetative during spring as the season facilitates the best weather conditions, incredibly the blue light. Autumn and late summer enable red light, which helps the plants grow complex flowers.

On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds behave differently as they do not require light to transform into the flowering stage. Instead, this transformation will occur naturally after a specific period. Most auto-flowering plants will start flowering at 3-4 weeks while they will be ready to harvest in less than ten weeks.

It is best to choose your cannabis seeds depending on your need.

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