Best Video Calling App For Android ( 10+ Featured Apps )

Download all free calling apps & best video calling app for android 2020 for free. The best Android video call app is the most widely search term on the internet. There are lots of best free wifi calling app available on the internet. And here is also the fastest Android Web browser for Android Today I am going to share the best and free apps for video calling for android 2020.

As we all know, for a better and awesome experience we use Android phones. Not only they are fun to use, but they also have an extensive quality making us be at ease which makes android apps quite famous.

Nowadays, most of the android devices and apps are designed to assist and entertain people who use Android phones. Each android has got some unique features of its own. Now we will continue with our best video calling app for android 2020.

Best Free Video Calling App For Android 2020:

It is a common aspect to know that Android devices make our lives easier and simpler. As it has got some reliability and attached flexibility which makes cellphone communication interactive.

In addition, there is the best and free video calling apps for android phone which has made the Android platform as one of the best entity for video calling and its has lots of best video calling app for android. Frankly, using Android technology, you can make face to face calls to your family, friends, and loved ones at any time within a few clicks. It all depends on the Android technology which you have. Also, check out some best android music players from which you could get some of the best and unique streaming kind of experience on your android device.

The great amount of advancement in the cellphone data and network services and technology has refined the way we live and communicate. And the credit goes to the 3G and 4G network technologies. With this fastest data service technology, you have presented with various innumerable features and one of them is the calling feature. In addition, most of the latest smartphones have got the front camera and most of your buddies and business associates would be keeping their Android devices updated. So, lets us check out some of the best free phone call apps for android. And here you can also see the best Emoji apps for Android in 2020.

The following are some of the user-friendly and easy to use free phone call apps for android 2020:


best android video call app (Skype)

This is one of the best free video calling apps Android video call App for free and the call rates using Skype are affordable. While on the move, you can be connected with your family and friends and keep them updated about your status. Using Skype, you can not only make free video and voice calls to people irrespective of the mobile platform like iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac. And this makes it the best free wifi calling app 2020.


best video calling app (Viber)

This is one of the free & best free live video chat app for android which is often used for sending a text, making calls, video messages, sharing the current location, and sending multimedia messages. Furthermore, you could even make the messages beautiful and interesting using various emotions and stickers; and create group messages up to about 100 participants. There is a push notification feature that makes it easy for the user to see who is calling and avoid any kind of miss calls even when the user is not able to see at the time of the call. So we have made it to the top second position of the best free phone calling app for android 2020.

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Google Voice

best video chat app for android(Google search)

A Google Voice is an interactive android app used commonly for making free voice calls, sending text messages (free), and making domestic and international calls. Here the user only needs to spend a certain amount of internet data to send messages and make free calls. Plus, users can listen to the various voice mails which they receive and read the transcriptions that are received by them. Google voice android app is an official free phone call app for android by Google Inc.


best free call recorder for android (Tango)

The Tango is one of the best free calling apps for android which allows the user to personalize various video calls with the help of Tango Surprises. This is a fun animation run which assists in entertaining the kids, helping to express oneself, celebrating any kind of occasion, etc. Basically, this app is often used for making free phone calls, video calls, sending free and unlimited video messages, etc. I am personally using this app for a long time and I can say that it is the best video chat for android 2020.

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free video calling apps (Line)

The Line is a user-friendly and free phone call app for android phones which has got extensive features that help in making free calls at any time as per our convenience. In addition, users can share text messages as well as media files with their friends and family online. Users have the advantage of making calls all around the world to any user present in the contact list of the phone. Check out this article if you want to know how to recover deleted files on android.


best video chat for android (Fring App)

This is regarded as one of the awesome and interesting best video chat apps for android 2020. This is often used for making free video and voice calls. One can even make group calls with the best audio and video quality. This app is often used by users for making all kinds of regular calls for free. The group call feature is often used for communicating with friends present in the group at the convenience of the user. So, a great amount of savings can be made on the bills and call charges of cellphones and land-lines all over the world with this best free calling apps for android.READ MOREMy iPhone Screen Not Turning On (Solutions).

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best app for group video call (NAnu App)

This application is one of the latest and best free calling apps for android devices. It is unique and one of the best and useful android app where users can make calls irrespective of the speed of the internet service. It means the user does not need a high-speed 3G internet service for making calls and can simply adjust and manage with the 2G one this makes the android app as the best free phone call app for android phones.


free video chat android (oovoo App)

This is one of the easy to use and the best free wifi video calling app for android 2020. Here the user can make about six-way for group video calling. This video calling and chat app allows the Android user to call the ooVoo friends who are using iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. In addition, you can make video calls over 4G, 3G, and Wifi for free.

Yahoo Messenger

free live video chat app for android (Yahoo Messenger App)

The official Yahoo Messenger application of Android is one of the best android video call app for android which has cool options for making calls (free) and video calls. All the user has to do is install a Video Plugin tool so that the calling feature can be enabled. With this app users can chat with his or her Facebook buddies, do free international calling, sharing SMS (both national and international), share videos and photos, etc.


best free video calling app(Wechatv App)

This particular app is considered as one of the best alternative and free wifi calling app for android. With regard to the WhatsApp users and applications, this tool has an added edge in terms of video calling. One can make crystal clear video and voice calls reliable, private, and fast.

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Paltalk Video Chat

free video chat app for android(Paltalk App)

This is an interesting application that can help individuals in meeting new people through the live group video chat. Users can listen to music, sing karaoke, take part in live and political debates, play online, and group trivia and games. There are thousands of live chat rooms from where one can select the favorite ones and take part in the vibrant community. That’s why it is called as the best free calling apps for android 2020.


free random video chat app for android(Seen)

So Another best free video calling app for android is the Seen. It helps in making high-quality voice and video calls over the 3G or WiFi network. So, you can chat and communicate with your groups and friends.

Are free phone call app for android phones necessary?

As per the above-given best video calling app and features associated with them, Android phones and tools have become a rage among people. Frankly, it is true that one cannot live without using any interactive tool, but the easy to use and customer-friendly options, makes Android tools a hit among people. And I am sure the above given free phone call app for android edition will make your android usage more interactive.

If you like this best free calling apps for android then you can even share it with your friends via social media sharing options. This free phone call app for the android 2020 edition is a free and handpicked collection by the Buzzytricks team. Bookmark this page to get the latest updates on the best free video calling apps for android 2020.

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