Top 7 Best Emoji App for Android 2021 (Updated)

Emojis are used everywhere, and it is an integral part of a conversation. As using Emojis makes our text short and easy for others to understand. And the best thing to use Emojis is the best way to convey our expression or feeling to the other person. However, It is difficult for some people to find emojis apps.

Because there are hundreds of emoji apps and all of them were not good. So we picked off some of the best emoji apps for you in 2020. As if you want to use the Best Emoji App for Android 2020. And if you want the fastest browser for android to get better downloading then go to
Top 6 Best & Fastest Web Browser For Android 2020. So read the article, we provide you the best 20 emoji apps for android.

Best Emoji App For Android in 2020:

As from a few years ago, texting and chatting were and now also a part of our routine lives. Those days were gone when texting and chatting were thought of as boring tasks. Thanks to Emojis and stickers, that are full of fun and available on different apps. The best 20 apps for emojis in the current time are given below.

  1. Facemoji.
  2. ai.type.
  3. Bitmoji.
  4. Avatoon.
  5. Kika keyboard.
  6. Mirror Memoji.
  7. Fleksy.


best emoji app for android 2020

Facemoji is the best android app ever. By using this app you can improve your communication experience. It provides you both typing and emojis support. it provides you at least 3000-4000 emojis, GIF, and Diy themes. This app is available free in the play store, With only 7 MB, If you are downloading this app for the first time, Then go the setting to make this keyboard the preferred keyboard. And its another benefit is that, that it’s allow’s to type in many many languages.

This app has many features, As I told you earlier that this app allows you to access 3000-4000 of emojis that has been uploaded in the app. Maybe by its another update, you will find more emojis, his keyboard also allow’s gesture setting. Users can send emojis GIF in their messages to short their conversation. This is the main benefit.

According to these features, It is now one of the famous and best App Known for Emojis in Android.

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It is the second-best emoji app. It will also provide a keyboard and an emoji app. This is one of my favorite and a powerful app that also comes with GIF s and an option for customizing the flesh tone, you can also search for emojis and GIF s.

Now talk about its features. The first thing is that you can also download an extra plugin and GIF s, that might be more exciting. This is very simple app you can scroll in the and the emojis are broken up by style. So you can easily find the emoji you want or simple search.

I say that it is a simple app for that person, who type in a particular style. Because of the access through their favorite emoji and type in the keyboard at the same time. Even the top row of the keyboard can be changed around Because it has the keys you used the most. There is another feature by which you can change the background of the keyboard by your picture or another pic you want. you can also enable auto-correction in the setting.

You can easily find this App on Google play store and download.

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Millions of users use this app. Because this app is so popular and available free on Google play store. I think it is the best emoji app for android in 2020. This app has a lot of features, As using this app you can make your personal emoji, and also an attractive avatar. This app is very useful and io highly recommends this app, By using this app you make your communication interesting through many social media platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.

Bitmoji comes with all the important emoji making functions and will help to create an emoji in just a few minutes. You don’t need to have extra knowledge for this app nor watching tutorials. It is an automatic app. You can use the outcomes of this app on any other app you want to chat with someone else. This is very fun and makes your interest in chatting. It is available free in Google play store.

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Best emoji app for android 2020

In this app, you can also create your own emoji as well as avatar cartoon. Use your skills to make funny emojis of you and your friends and sent them. To end the boring conversation in whats-app and Messenger. Select a photo in this app you can also change clothes, Makeup, and can also change their color schemes, etc, and can make a perfect avatar.

When you create your own emoji or avatar. So there will be a sharing option. You can share them with your friends and make your conversation interesting. This App is fun, it is available in the Android Google Play store for Free.

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Kika keyboard:

Kika Keyboard is in the top 7 best emoji app for android 2020. This app is very similar to the first one, You can you use this as a keyboard you can text on Messenger, whats-app, and other social media platforms. You can easily be sent emojis at the same time. So like the first one, it also performs both the function, As work as a keyboard, and can be sent emojis at the same time.

Kika also supports GIF s as Animated GIF s and stickers. If you want to personalize your keyboard, So Kika enables you to change the background of the keyboard, color, Key-press sound, and font. You can also change the size of the keypad for ultimate comfort.

Including all these features. This as another feature that makes worth it. This app comes with more than 60 different languages and keyboard layout Including QWERTY and AZERTY. You can easily find this app on the Android Google play store and can download it.

Mirror Memoji:

Mirror Memoji is another best android emoji app. This is somehow like bitmoji app, you can take selfies and use it for your personalized avatar. Not only this, but Mirror also provides you with more than 1500 personal stickers ranging memes, emoji, and facemoji and much more.

You can use the emoji avatar on social networks and messenger. This app has also its emojis much more. But in this app, you will see new emojis every week. Every week you have to update this app.

This app ensures your privacy policies and security and thus didn’t collect any data. Including all these features, this app comes with more than 10,000,000 mirror avatar maker.

This pretty app is light in size and available free in Android Google Play-store.


Flesky emoji app is in the top 10 emojis app, and claim to be the fastest keyboard. Because it avoids swipe in favor of large keys, that are easier to reach with thumbs. This feature makes it Unique. The app has also many ways to customize the keyboard looks.

When some start typing on the keyboard, So they can decide by itself that how tall they key will be, and you can also add extra keys to the keyboard. when someone downloads this app, So they realize that how many emojis they can get along with GIF s.

The keyboard in this app is full of emojis that comes from Emoji One, Twitter, and iOS style. The user can also remove or add emoji to this app. This app has Lite in size and easy to find and download.

Final Word:

As you see in the article, I discussed many apps. I think These are the best emoji app for android in 2020. Emojis is a wonderful way to improve the way you type and easy to convey your emotion to other users.

If you know a Better emoji app than these. So please share them with us in the comment below!

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