Top 5 tips from technicians for long-lasting batteries

Over time, iPhone batteries lose their capacity, leaving you reliant on charging the device frequently. The battery life of a smartphone is typically around two years. Although over time a device gets slower and the battery dies faster, there are ways to increase the battery life on your Smartphone before you need to buy a new one.
There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to look at your phone and discovering that you’re close to running out of battery power at 11 am.
You can learn more about how to have a longer-lasting battery life here.
Tip 1. Adjust the brightness
You should keep the brightness low so that it does not drain your battery as much, thus extending its life.
Tip 2. Disable location services.
If you enable location services all the time, your apps will be constantly asking your phone for your location data, which causes the battery to use more electricity. Location services can be managed by either turning them off for all apps or as you see fit for specific apps. You may also choose to turn location services on only when you are using an app. As a result, your battery will receive less load during processing.
Tip 3. Turn off Wi-Fi or 4G
Wi-Fi is less energy-intensive than 3G and 4G. In an area with poor signal strength, your device constantly is searching for a stronger signal, which drains your battery faster. When connected to Wi-Fi, your device will do less hunting.
Tip 4. Enable the power saver mode.

The Low Power Mode is available on all smartphones. If you turn this off, the phone’s performance is lessened and less energy is consumed by the battery. As a result, the battery lasts longer throughout the day!
Tip 5. Set the auto-lock length to a shorter value
Many smartphone users fail to lock their devices automatically. The Auto-lock feature allows the device to be on ‘sleep mode’ but you can set various settings that relate to the time that it should Auto-lock, so the faster the time that it auto-locks, the more battery you save!
Replacing the battery
If these tips are a little too much for you or if you are nearing the end of your battery life, perhaps you should consider getting a replacement. Fix ‘N Repair provides quality iPhone battery replacement services.

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