How to Use Snapchat (20 Secret Tricks)

How to use Snapchat and its secrets, Because it is the most widely search term on the internet nowadays. Today on Buzzy Tricks, we are sharing the best tricks, tips & Snapchat secrets for creating your own Snapchat masterpiece. 

The world has truly become an oyster and nobody has been left untouched with the increasing exposure of social media on the internet. Every day the world is flooded with amazing new applications that make life easier and simpler, yet interesting at the same time.

Snapchat is one of the upcoming applications in the list of popular social media platforms. Taking pictures instantly and sharing them with the world has never been so easy. One of the amazing platforms to share your life events instantly also maintains the privacy of your updates.

With amazing filters and exciting new features to make your pictures more interesting – Snapchat adds to the needs of the growing social media population on the internet!

However, this article is not to just introduce you to this amazing application but to add to your already existing knowledge of Snapchat tricks! We bring to you the amazing Snapchat secrets that will make your world of sharing pictures more interesting and exciting! Try them, test them, share them, and add cool fun to your experience with these few secrets of Snapchat.

20 Tips on How to Use Snapchat in 2020:

In the Smartphone era, it has become very easy for all of us to stay connected to each other. It’s easy to learn how to use Snapchat, The reason for this is several social media sites and apps which help us to be in contact with our close people. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat happens to be different and unique. If you are a Snapchat user, we know that it must have become an addiction for you to upload the stories with the snaps. At present, there are around 150 million active users in Snapchat, making the one-to-one messaging app one of the most innovative applications for smartphones.

The success of the Snapchat has earned high recognition, and the numbers of users are multiplying daily of the app. Snapchat is the best messaging application with a unique platform, yet it is not user-friendly. Why are we saying this? Even though there are millions of users active on Snapchat, they don’t know that one can make the live video call through the app? Wait, what? This is what your reaction will be right now, but it is a fact.

There are many Snapchat secrets which the users are unaware about, despite using the app since the launch date. In this post, we are going to spill the beans about what can you do with Snapchat apart from just uploading the stories for a particular time. Before you proceed further, make sure that you are operating the updated version of the Snapchat app. You can even say that we are going to share the advanced features of Snapchat which are not revealed by the developers.

If You Have Not Downloaded Snapchat Yet, Then Download It First From Here:

For Android

snapchat tips
Snapchat for Android

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For iOS

snapchat tricks 2020
Snapchat for iOS

If you are a pro in the basics, then you can jump on reading the advanced features of the Snapchat, otherwise, make sure that you are clear with the essential features.

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Use Snapchat For Video And Voice Calls:

how to use Snapchat 2020
Use Snapchat For Video And Voice Calls

All the time we were thankful to the WhatsApp for offering the feature of voice and video calls to stay connected with our close people who are overseas or far away from us. The same feature is presented by the Snapchat since the update in 2016, and we did not even know about it, how timidly the developers did that! To make any voice call, you just have to send them the 10 seconds voice or video clips to the person with whom you want to talk or only, click on the calling button and start chatting with them for an extended time.

It is important to note that the voice and video call feature will work on the updated version of the Snapchat app. It is in the latest version; you can view the calling icon in the chatbox. To record the voice clips for 10 seconds, all you have to do is hold down the video or voice call icon and start recording your message. After you are done recording the message, release the finger from the screen holding the calling icon, the message will be sent to the person immediately.

For doing the live video or voice call, just tap on the icon of video or voice call from the chat window of the person with whom you want to begin the conversation. If the caller does not respond to your call, the app will ask you the option to send the voice or video message to the person. To send these messages, it is the same as we record the 10 seconds clips. The video and voice calling feature will only work if you and the person with whom you want to talk has the updated version of the application. The feature is user-friendly and intuitive and, will be very helpful for you that How to Use Snapchat.

Upload Photos And Videos From Your Phone:

One of the drawbacks that Snapchat has is to apply all its amazing features and filters you need to use the Snapchat camera. Unlike most other applications and platforms that allow you to edit/ share/ upload pictures from the gallery without the requirement to use their camera.

These Snapchat secrets will help you upload your photos/ videos from the phone gallery on Snapchat stories. In case you are not able to access your phone camera in Snapchat, follow this step:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down
  • Find the Snapchat icon
  • Make sure the toggle is switched on by “Camera”

One of these little secrets of Snapchat will change your world of sharing! Also, check this most popular dual WhatsApp application to use multiple Whatsapp accounts on mobile.

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Draw With Secret Colors:

how to use snapchat filter
draw with secret colors

All those who are used to send messages or capture memories creatively on Snapchat would be aware of the doodling feature of Snapchat. The colors that you would want to use are available on the slider rainbow color palette. Well, if you know only this much about Snapchat, you might be amazed to know that there are many other Snapchat Secrets for using the secret Crayon colors.

Draw in the white color:

You can draw with a white crayon by dragging your finger to the top left corner of the rainbow color slider. Those who use Snapchat in their Android devices will already be aware of it as the while crayon is already built-in their rainbow slider palette.

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Draw in the black color:

Similarly, like the white crayon, you can draw with a black crayon by dragging your finger to the bottom of the rainbow color palette. Android users will already be aware of this feature.

Draw in hidden colors:

While you will be dragging your finger to the left or the bottom of the rainbow color palette, you will notice that you are able to use a cluster of in-between colors that are not available on the palette. These are the hidden colors. You will have a lot of fun using them.

Draw with a transparent color (Only for Android users):

You receive special privileges if you are an Android user. Android Snap chatters can draw with a clear as crystal color by pressing down the rainbow slider until the full-color palette appears with the transparent color as an option.

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Change # (Number) of “Best Friends” Displayed:

Well, this one is an amazing feature that Snapchat offers where it browses your usage history and basis of your chats/snaps it shows your best friends on the top of your friend list! This however might be a source of the problem if you are a person who likes to keep things to yourself and someone could invade your privacy by getting to know your chat/snap frequency basis of the best friends suggested by Snapchat.

snapchat login
change number of best friends Snapchat trick

One of the secrets of Snapchat is that you can change the main display numbers basis of your choice which saves you from the unnecessary trouble caused. Follow the below steps to unlock these Snapchat secrets:

  • First, go to settings.
  • Go to bottom and tap on # of Best Friends
  • Add the number their which you wish to display
  • You can also see in the above-given screenshot

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Two Filters At A Time:

how to use Snapchat
Two Filters at a Time

Sounds crazy, right? But it isn’t. Just how you would use the multiple filters in other photo applications, it is not the same as how you would apply in the Snapchat.

To use the two filters, select the photo you want to edit. Now choose the filter you like most; next, hold the screen with one finger, means keep the finger tap on a photo, like you are holding the photo then swipe left or right to apply another filter. This is the best Snapchat secret we have come across, and it will be helpful to you too!

Save Your Data Through Travel Mode:

As we know Snapchat used more mobile data. For that reason, Snapchat has introduced this “Travel Mode“. The travel mode is used to reduce mobile data by not loading snaps automatically. When this mode is activated, you will need to tap on load content. The mode is disabled by default. So follow this to start this Travel Mode in your Snapchat!

  • Go to settings
  • Manage (Additional Services)
  • Enable Travel Mode

Pin Emojis To Object in Videos:

how to use Snapchat
Pin Emojis to Video

Adding the emojis and stickers to the Snapchat stories is different and making them move in the Snapchat video is another feature. The pinning feature to the Snapchat videos allows the emojis and stickers to get along with the object automatically.

With whatever object you have pinned, the emoji will move, rotate, and scale as however, the attached object moves. To use this Snapchat secret, you will have to first record the video in Snapchat. On the top of the screen, click on the folded paper icon, beside the T icon. Select the emoji or sticker that you want from the drop-down list; get the emoji to the photo and with a finger, move it and attach it to the object with what you want to pin it.

Customized The Video Speed:

how to use snapchat on android
Snapchat Video Speed Filter

You must have tried the slow-motion, rewind, and fast forward features in other applications while recording the videos, right? Snapchat too offers the same. It has added the features of slow motion, fast forward, and rewind very recent. To access them, first record the video and then swipe any side to select the one. The snail icon means slow motion; rabbit means fast forward and backward-facing arrows mean rewind.

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Unlimited Text Characters:

Snapchat has the text character limit up to 33, which we know, is not enough to share the story. Since the last update, It has enabled one more secret which is exceeding the text limit. All you have to do is, first enter the text in the notes app first. Then copy that text and paste it into the text field of the app. You are done! The hack is easy to operate.

Delete The Snap From The Story:

If you have uploaded the wrong snap and you are worried about what to do now? Relax! We have got your back. If anytime you feel you have shared the wrong snap in the Snapchat you can delete the story, simple! How? Open the Snapchat and go to the stories’ view. By swiping the right, you can see the story appeared at the top. Now swipe up on the photo you want to delete and hit the delete button. That’s it!

Make Hilarious Selfies With Cool Lenses:

With this trick, you will make lots of amazing and hilarious selfies. There are lots of great lenses that are available in the Snapchat to enhance your photos and videos. You just need to press and hold in the center of front-facing camera viewfinder and then you will be able to see lots of lenses.

how to use snapchat on iphone
Snapchat Cool Lenses

Just choose from various funny lenses and follow instructions like “open mouth” and then take the photo and video. Do make sure you are facing upright and it syncs with a camera otherwise lenses will not work.

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Change Default Back Camera To Front Camera:

how to use snapchat video
Snapchat Selfie Trick

Oh the world is on a selfie frenzy, and you do not want to be left out from this frenzy now- do you? This app comes with a default setting of the Snapchat camera set to back camera.

But you need your front cam on for it to take your selfie snaps! These secrets will solve this problem for you! In order to rearrange the camera follow the below steps:

  • Go and click on the camera icon which is located in the top right corner
  • Now tap the screen twice
  • It will automatically change the camera preference
  • Click and take selfies with Snapchat

This secret is very handy for times you want to capture yourself!

Replay A Snap:

Snapchat comes with this feature of setting a timer for your snaps – which means that your snap will only be displayed for the designated number of seconds on the screen of the user who is checking your Snap.

Sometimes, it so happens in this busy world that you miss a Snap, or do not get a good look at it. Well, sometimes the snaps are so amazing that you want to see them again! We have also shared the new working Whatsapp spy, check the link, and know-how to spy anyone’s Whatsapp account.

Of the Snapchat tricks that we bring to you – to replay a snap is one of the best!

In order to replay a snap click on the snap. It will show you a pop-up notification that allows you to click on Replay. Enjoy a replay of your favorite snap. However. this trick comes with the limitation that you can replay a Snap only within the 24 hours of it being posted.

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Front Facing Flash:

Well, we all have faced the dilemma of clicking a picture in the dark, more so a selfie in the dark! What a tragedy it is to not be able to capture the mere figure of your own self because of the dark!

One of the secret is that; we bring to you is how to use the front-facing flash!? Follow the below steps to unlock this Snapchat tricks:

how to use Snapchat
Front Facing Flash
  • Open the camera.
  • Change the camera preference to the front (if it already set on rear-camera).
  • Now click on flashlight icon which is located in the top-left corner on your screen.
  • This activates the flash on you front camera
  • Enjoy clicking clear pics in dark.

These simple tricks will make your life easier in the dark!

Add New Friends Without Their Contact Information

A common problem faced by the users is, that especially the new users is that you need to have the contact information of your friends to add them to your Snapchat list. This can be the handiest secrets that we share with you!

In order to add new friends on this App and view their Snap stories without their contact information, you need to use one of our secrets of this App!

how to use snapchat online
Add Nearby Snapchat

Very recently, They added a special feature called “Add Nearby“! This feature is your tool to search or add any people who are in the vicinity of your area. These simplest secrets will bring you closer to people living in your area and to your friend list!

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To Set Up Two-Step Verification:

One of the most required features of all the applications that somehow capture/store your personal information, pictures, etc. is to maintain the privacy of your account. One of the most amazing secrets of Snapchat is to set up a two-step verification process to safeguard your account from being hacked.

Its secrets are that in order to login to your account you need to fill up your login information, post which Snapchat will send a code to your mobile number.

This makes the app safe to use and protection from hackers. Isn’t this an amazing secret?

To Blow Up Snapchat Emojis Characters

One of the things used mostly in social media platforms across the world is emoji. It too comes with its own world of Snapchat emojis and they are handy to use. We do however come with other secrets of Snapchat where you can blow up the Snapchat emojis character. And you can also Check Emoji Apps on Android.

This feature is actually taken from Photoshop. Photoshop has a feature where you can move photos and press ctrl+T to increase or decrease the size of the photo.

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis

This feature has been added to this app, where you can add any emoji on your photo, hold it and press on the “T” symbol. This will allow you to increase or decrease emoji size in your pictures.

This is an amazing Trick that How to Use Snapchat, which makes your pictures speak more emotions!

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Use Special Text:

how to use Snapchat
Snapchat Special Text

Now you can overlay you snap with larger text and larger emoji. We are here sharing one of the best snapchat secrets of special text features which is an alternate caption style.

For this, you need to click the letter “T” which is next to the pencil icon in the top right corner which you can find in the snap draft. The text or word you type will be magnified now.

To Check Who Watched You’re Snaps!

We are all humans and born curious with the desire to know everything that we can lay our hands-on. Especially when it comes to something of your own, we all want that privilege to know it all!

A Snapchat secret that we bring here in this article is how to check who has viewed your Snaps.

Follow the below steps to unlock this fabulous feature:

  • Click on the stories tab.
  • You can see on the right side an Eyeball with numbers.
See Who Viewed your Profile
See Who Viewed your Profile
  • Actually the numbers mean peoples who watched your snap.
  • Then simply click on it, and you can see the list.

Emojis As Color Overlay:

Emojis as Overlay
Emojis as Overlay

Yes, you can use your Snapchat emojis as color overlay filters on your snaps. You just need to place the emojis over the snap and then blow it up. That emojis edge will create beautiful colorful filters.

How to Use Snapchat Filters 2020:

how to use Snapchat
Snapchat Hidden-Filters

There are lots of filters, that are available in the application. You can customize it with lots of hidden effects like the lens will give you lovely-doney eyes, terminator look, rainbow river flow, an old cranky person look, scary nightmares, freaking out feeling look and lots of Snapchat hidden filters look available on it.

Get More Text Space In Your Snaps:

Get More Text Space In Your Snaps

As we know lots of people got stuck on finding ways to get more text space in their snaps. As it only allows one white space between the two words. So here we have shared the best Snapchat Secret Tricks to getting more text space in your snaps.

You just need to go to the Notes App in your android or iOS device. Select and then copy the fee white space lines from it. Now go back to your Snapchat area and just paste it. You will now get more space area in your text.

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Add Visual Variation To Snap Text:

how to use Snapchat
Change Your Snapchat COde

As we know Snapchat provides the functionality of multicolored words by changing each letter’s color individually. This is the best to increase visual appeal. It is also good for any branding purpose or when you want to have some fun with your snap friends.

You just need to simply take the picture in your app, add the text you want and then increase the size of the letter. Now place the cursor anywhere, hold it down for some-time, and tap on select when the option comes up. Move both cursors i.e. before and after the cursor, to the letter for whom you want to change the color. Select your favorite color from the color bar. That’s it.

Final Words:

This is an all comprehensive article that brings you to that How to Use Snapchat. Enjoy your time on this amazing application! If you like the trick or secrets of Snapchat, then you can even share it with your friends. To share use below given social media sharing options. Bookmark this page to get more updates!.

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