Why Tissot Watches Are Favored by Both Men and Women

We live in an age when getting dressed up isn’t complete without donning your preferred “wrist candy”, meaning strapping on a Tissot watch. This is because Tissot watches are so nice to look at yet are quite functional as well. This means Tissot watches will let you keep track of time all the time but will indicate that you value quality and beauty too.

A Legacy of Swiss Precision in Watchmaking

The Tissot story has its roots in 1853 when the company was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland by the father-and-son tandem of Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot. Starting that year, the company has been making Tissot watches that embody the principle of precise watchmaking as a Swiss tradition. This is why the Tissot company has lasted this long in the business and why Tissot watches are now valued in over 160 countries throughout the world. This long tradition of precision in watchmaking has yet to be beaten by any other watchmaking company across the globe.

The Dedicated Timekeeper

Since the brand name Tissot has become identified with precision watches, not surprisingly the Tissot company has also made a name for itself as the “official timekeeper” for a variety of popular sports tournaments. Sports groups such as the Fencing World Championships, and the International Basketball Federation rely on Tissot precise timekeeping to keep games reputable yet fair for the athletes. Its timekeeper role has also been incorporated into other sports such as diving, cycling and ice hockey tournaments. With Tissot on the job, athletes, coaches, and the countries they represent needn’t fear being cheated out of a valuable win in the international sporting world.

Use of Precious Metals for Tissot Watches

There is a wide variety of watches you can buy under the Tissot brand. Some of the more delicate-looking ones are meant to be worn by women. The watches that are sturdier may appeal to the menfolk instead. One commonality of these two demographics is that some watches are manufactured with precious metals and gems. So you can now purchase watches fitted with gold and silver, and gems like sapphire, as befits the special design of that model. Naturally, the watches that have these precious metals and gems may command a higher price tier. This makes Tissot watches quality purchases for men and women alike.

Adapting to Technology Explains Why Tissot Watches are Valuable

Aside from precious metals, Tissot watchmakers integrate the most reliable technologies into each Tissot watch. Back in the day, pocket watches were all the rage in civilized countries such as Russia. So Tissot focused on making the best pocket watches available with optimum results – Tissot watches became highly desirable timepieces. Then the trend shifted towards wristwatches so Tissot followed suit (though pocket watches are still being manufactured by the company).

Since many consumers are aware of the value of using solar power nowadays, Tissot now also offers wristwatches that are powered by solar cells. Then touch-sensitive technology came about so Tissot also started making wristwatches that have touch-sensitive faces. Tissot watchmakers are dedicated to using the best technologies available to upgrade the value of each Tissot wristwatch this way.

Seven Categories of Fine Wristwatches

If you are looking for the right Tissot timepiece for your special someone for a particular occasion, you will be gratified to learn that there are now seven categories of Tissot wrist watches for you to choose from. These are their category names:

  • T-Classic
  • T-Lady
  • T-Sport
  • Heritage
  • T-Touch
  • Pocket Watches
  • T-Gold

This growth in timepiece categories reflects the decades of tradition that the Tissot company has been following in order to keep its leadership role in the global watchmaking industry.

One trend that Tissot fans may have noticed is the integration of different materials into the bands of each wristwatch. This applies regardless of timepiece variant you may have been gifted with (or purchased for yourself). Some Tissot timepieces have leather bands which make each wristwatch ideal for use during casual activities such as lunch out with friends or visiting the mall. Other Tissot watches have stainless steel bands instead, which is great if you intend to attend a more formal occasion such as an office gathering. The bands made out of precious metals are suitable for company events where you might have to interact with your superiors.

One thing is for sure – each feature of your preferred Tissot timepiece is intended to make you stand out amidst a sea of also-rans. When you buy a Tissot watch, you are buying quality merged with functionality.


You may have noticed that the Tissot company is always attempting to ride trends in the international market. Although the Tissot pricing for each of its watches is at the high end, it seems poised to keep conquering the global market for watches by relying on Tissot watchmaking expertise. This will allow the company to survive and thrive amidst a more competitive watchmaking industry.

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