How To Unlock Windows PC from Android or iPhone?

Unlock your Computer or PC from your Smartphone with our best method to unlock Windows PC from Android and iPhone tricks. And have any other problem like your iPhone is disabled or If you want the fastest Web browser for you Android. And there are various online posts about Windows which are quite helpful. With the given tricks present in those posts, you can have the best user experience. In this article, you are going to see how to unlock the Windows system from iPhone or Android Phone.

Yes! It is quite possible to gain access to your computer, without the login screen as one of the security measures in your Windows. Basically, this makes the logging style quite cool with the presence of two-step authentication.

The logging method is quite cool and, is based on the third-party tool which will give you the required features to your Windows. So, go ahead and follow these methods.

Unlock Windows PC from Your Smartphone:

Basically, with this procedure, you need to use the smartphone for unlocking the PC. This is possible if you log in using the Windows screen. For that, you need to connect your smartphone with your personal computer, so that you can find out the PC for unlocking it. The following steps will help you to Unlock your PC Windows With iPhone and Android.

Steps To Unlock PC With Your Smartphone:

  • Download Rohos Logon Key Software on your iPhone or Android. It is available on all platforms:

Rohos Free Download

Open this software in your windows and you will see the below screen

use iphone to unlock pc

  • Click on the “Options” and set the settings as like the below snapshot:

How to Unlock Windows PC from Android or iPhone

  • After selecting the given options, Then click on OK.
  • Now you are required to set up the key. Tap on the QR Code method to verify the key.
  • Download the mobile app from above as per your platform. Again Scan this QR Code from that app displaying on the screen. Mobile will start detecting your PC.

Here’s How You Can Unlock Your Computer Using Just Your Phone

  • That’s it. You are done with the process. Your PC is now authenticated with your smart device. Now every time after unlocking the window screen, you will need your smartphone to unlock this second authentication Method.

Final Words:

From the above-given steps, you can unlock your PC Windows from Android or iPhone. Basically, this is one of the coolest and the best way to secure means for securing the PC. If someone knows the password, he or she will not be able to open your PC, until they are aware of the security key which is present in your smartphone device. Which will be always with you. Bookmark this page to get more updates on how to unlock PC with your Smartphone.

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